Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Autumn is the ideal time to start your Autumn lawn treatment after the rigours and use your lawn has been put through during the Summer months.  

First off is to rake up any fallen leaves from the lawn and add them to the compost heap to give that wonderful home made compost ready for use in the Spring.  If you suffer from moss in the lawn then treat with a moss killer and leave to go black before the next stage, Scarifying.

Scarifying is the removal of moss, old grass and debris which can form a thatch in the lawn. While a little bit of thatch is good at helping to retain moisture during the summer, a build up will prevent moisture and food reaching down to the grass roots.

Using a spring-bok or spring tine rake, rake over the lawn to pull up all of the dead moss and old grass, alternatively you can use a scarifier which makes the job a lot easier.

Another Autumn job is aerating your lawn.  Over the summer months lawns can become compacted due to regular use or you may have an area that you use to get to your shed or a pathway. These areas can become dry, brown and compacted which means water will just run off rather than soak into the roots.

The easiest way to aerate the lawn is with a normal garden fork. Simply work your way around the lawn pushing the fork into the ground about 10cm apart and just moving it around a little. This opens up the soil and allows air and moisture to circulate around the roots. Alternatively you can use a Hollow tine aerator which removes a core of soil.

Now that the lawn has been scarified and aerated it would benefit from a dressing of lawn soil. This tends to be a mix of soil, sand and peat.  Spread the lawn soil in small patches over the grass and use a broom to bush the soil over the lawn. This will help enourage new roots and invigorate the grass. You can also put down some new lawn seed now, generally refered to as over-seeding. This is done as around 20% of the grass in lawns will die each year due to its age or wear and tear.

Come the Spring your lawn will be ready and lush for the new season!!