Hints, Advice and Tips

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

Gardens can be a haven for bees and butterflies by planting and maintaining a natural area with pollenating plants. Read more.

Hanging Baskets

Learn how to perfect your baskets. choose the correct composts and locations  for all Summer long colour here.

Seed Sowing in the Spring

View our guide on choosing the correct composts, and what to do after germination here.

Planting Bulbs in Containers

Create displays that bring Spring to your
doorstep every year.
View our Bulb Planting Guide
for more information.

Hedging Basics

Planting a new hedge can add privacy and encourage wildlife. Read more about choosing the right hedge and correct planting techniques here.

Rose Care

General planting and 

Care advice here

Controling Weeds and Mulching

Learn how to take back your garden from pesky weeds and what it takes to create the perfect mulch here

Quick Plant 

Feeding Guide

Learn what feeds are the best for thier purpose and how to sort out those wilting plants here

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Learn what jobs you should be doing with your lawn this Autumn here

Plants for Winter Containers

Adding colour and scent to containers and pots for the Autumn season click here

Jobs For June

Our top ten tips on what to do during one the most active gardening months of the year can be found here

Growing Seed Potatoes

Which Potatoes to choose and how to grow a tasty crop click here

Dividing Perennials

A Guide on how, when and which Perennials you can lift and divide to keep them growing healthy click here

Mid Summer Jobs

Jobs to do in the Flower and Vegetable garden here