Fuels, Logs & Gas


Calor: We sell new Calor gas Propane and Butane cylinders and exchange empties for full one. Most sizes available up to 19kg including Patio gas and
Camping Gaz.
We Stock the following;
Butane - 4.5kg | 7kg | 15kg
Propane - 3.9kg | 6kg | 6kg Lite |13kg | 18kg | 19kg
Patio - 5kg | 13kg
Camping Gas - 904's | 907's
Paraffin is also available for green house heaters

Logs & Kindling

For those cold winter days and nights we supply Softwood nets of logs along with bags of Kindling to help get the fire started.
Buy 40 nets of either softwood or hardwood logs at our discounted price.

Coal & Heat Logs

Homefire Ovals - A cost-effective, clean-burning smokeless fuel that will pack tightly in your fire to give super, high heat output and minimum mess.
Hotmax - Heat Logs are an ideal source of fast, efficient, clean and sustainable heat for your wood burning stove in the home in winter.
Household Coal Alternatives - Red Coal & New Heat logs