Jobs For September


There is always something to do in the garden and September is no exception. A lot of ground is becoming free after the summer harvest. After feeding the area with a general purpose fertiliser (fish, blood and bone is a great feed) or by digging in well rotted compost or manure. It's a great opportunity to replant

Ideal for

Planting Outside


- Over winter white and red onion sets 

- Broad beans (to overwinter and thus avoiding   blackfly)

- Garlic Cloves

- Rhubarb Crowns

- Strawberries

- Soft Fruit Bushes

- All types of Fruit Trees

Ideal for a Greenhouse

or  Cold frame


- Salad Leaves

- Carrots

- Radishes

- Potatoes (for a Christmas Crop)

- Spring Onions

- Perpetual Spinach

- Micro Greens (Usually crop within 3 weeks)

- Mustard & Cress

- Pak Choi