Lawn Patch Repair

Lawn Patch Repair Tips

Do you need to repair lawn patches? Has your lawn suddenly gone from looking like a lovely green carpet to a brown and green patchwork quilt, either from children having fun, animals running around or just from general over use?

Small Lawn Patches

If you only have a few small patches to repair, then the best way is to sow some grass seed, making sure you pick the right seed for your lawn needs.  There are various types of grass seed available to purchase, which are suitable for a number of situations:

Large Lawn Patches

If you need to repair large patches in your lawn or have lots of patches over a large area, then you may want to consider using turf instead.  This is comes in various grades of grass as well, but do bare in mind if laying in the warmer, dryer months, most turf will have to be laid the same day of delivery.

Steps to Repair Lawn Patches

Step 1:  Remove any dead grass from the patch you need to repair and

loosen the soil with a rake.




Step 2:  Apply/lay the grass seed/turf as per the instructions, this is crucial

as it makes all the difference to the success of germination for the

grass seed, and the roots of the turf getting established.





Step 3:  Water the repaired patch thoroughly






Step 4:  Regularly check to make sure the grass seed/turf does not dry out,

but don't over water!






Step 5:  In just one week or so, depending on weather conditions and temperatures,

you should start to see your first shoots from the grass seed, then in the next few

weeks your repaired patches will start to blend in with the rest of your lawn.





Step 6:  Leave your new grass to grow and get established, it should not have any weed control treatments applied to it until it is at least 6 months old. Check all product instructions before you apply to a newly repaired lawn patch. 

Top Lawn Patching Tips

Keep your lawn in tip-top condition by applying a combined feed, weed and moss control, once the grass is established (over 6 months).

Give your lawn a feed throughout the spring and summer, keep it strong and healthy for the colder months that follow.

You can purchase products that contains everything you need, all you need to do is prepare the area, apply and water in, which makes the job quick and easy.