General Lawn Care

General Lawn Care

(A step by step guide to a greener lawn)

Maintaining a lawn can be more complicated than it sounds. There is more to enjoying a carpet of green velvet than simply mowing and clearing surface debris. This easy to follow guide will help you improve and maintain a greener and healthier lawn for all to enjoy.

Maintenance - Spring  & Summer

During this time of year it is best to focus on fertilising the grass and keeping weeds under control. Some lawns can also be hampered with moss all the year round.

A recommended product is Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 Lawn feed and moss killer.

This treatment should be applied no more than twice a year during the Spring to Summer period. As with all lawn care products, the label must be read carefully and thoroughly before use. This is for your own safety and to achieve the maximum desired results.


To effectively apply the product, the appropriate applicator device should be purchased if you do not already own one. Again, look to the product label for guidance. 

Maintenance - Autumn & Winter

This is the time of year when grass growth is at it's minimum. Weed killing will have little or no effect at all as the plants are in a dormant state. However, there other forms of maintenance which can still be carried out and will help your lawn to thrive on a longer term basis

Autumn feeds are a great option. Despite the dormant state of your lawn, you can still apply an autumn feed which can stimulate root growth and retention at the same time. Evergreen lawn care is a good product to use, and is also supplied here at Oaklands Nursery. As always, read the instructions carefully before use to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Applying a treatment such as this should be be done typically between early September and mid November.  

Top Tip - Aeration

One such device kept in stock at Oaklands Nursery is the Gardener's mate lawn aerator. A simple to use device that cuts the time in half from using a regular garden fork.


If the soil in your garden is particularly compact due to heavy clay, an aeration on the the lawn is recommended once a year in the early winter. 

Top Tip -Lawn Scarification

A process that removes the dead thatch and moss from your lawn. It is best to carry out a lawn scarification mid to late winter before spring growth. A sturdy but flexible metal rake is the best tool to use if you do not own or have access to a purpose built scarification machine. 

The grass must be no longer than two inches if the treatment is to be effective. Firmly rake the worst patches of dead moss and thatch in a cross hatch pattern to remove as much as possible.

In some cases the entire lawn may need scarifying. In this instance it is advisable to hire an electric or petrol powered machine from a reputable tool hire company. All the dead moss and thatch left on the surface after treatment can now be cleared up and disposed of accordingly.